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Glen Allen Green - A Living Fire 1985


01. A Living Fire
02. The Dance
03. Mirror Of My Heart
04. Forevermore
05. Beyond The Door
06. Run
07. Blessed Be The Lord
08. Jezebel
09. The Beauty Of His Love
10. Jesus Shall Reign

CCM / Christians 80s / Soft Rock

I have this shining debut of great ccm recorded on Chris Christian's Home Sweet Home label: the label into its 5th year by the time this album is recorded / Glen wrote every song for his first record except the song "Run", music by top lp producer Keith Thomas: btw ccm artist Steve Archer recorded a version of this song this same year for his "Action" album. I love the song "JESUS Shall Reign";top notch ccm for this time! / "The Dance" is another top hi-light; great number! this song has great lyrics based on psalms. Of course the lp title track is quite the top tune it starts side 1 / I love this song, thanks Glen:btw Glen also does the bgvs for this song, fantastic job!! I have some of these songs on cd compilations,nice to hear that nice cd quality sound. Check out the list of bgvs of ccm artists for "Blessed Be The LORD": WOW!! / David Martin, Rick Cua, Pete Carlson, Bonnie Keen, Mel Tunney & Pam Mark Hall ( to name some). Glen, you wrote a masterpiece, thank you! it is AWESOME! This is classic ccm!! GOD Bless! -Don.

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