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Iva Twydell - Duel 1982


01. The Man Inside
02. The Warning
03. Teaching Me The Hard Way
04. See No, Hear No, Speak No Evil
05. Final Fuse
06. Decline And Fall
07. Hear Me
08. Addicted
09. Get It Right
10. Abdication Day

Backing Vocals – Annie McCaig, Colin Blunstone, Mo Turner
Drum Machine Programming – Richard Scott*
Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar – Nick Battle
Synthesiser, Keyboards, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Bass Guitar – Anthony Phillips
Vocals, Synthesiser, Electric Guitar, Percussion – Iva Twydell

Recorded and mixed Spring 1982 at Engelwood Recording Studio and Alvic Sound Studios, London.
Produced by Nick Battle.
Assisted by Anthony Phillips.
Engineered by Anthony Phillips, Richard Scott and Simon Serille Phillips.
Drums arranged by Iva Twydell and Richard Scott.
Roland drum machine programmed by Richard.
All songs by Iva Twydell Shepherdes Delight Music © 1982, except *Twydell/Battle Shepherdes Delight Music/Battle Songs © 1982.
Sleeve design by Steve Bamford.
Front cover photography by Stuart Rowen.
Back cover photography by Trevor von Trilsback.
Many thanks to: Nick, Anthony and Richard for putting in so much hard work, Alan for putting his money where other peoples mouths were, Colin Blunstone, Annie McCaig and Mo Turner for backing vocals; and, especially Marianda for putting up with me.

An interesting obscurity here, Iva (Ivor) Twydell was a member of After The Fire, best known for their cover of Falco's 'Der Kommissar' one of the most obnoxious and disturbingly memorable singles of the 1980's. You would never guess After The Fire actually started life as a progressive rock band, releasing one incredibly rare album 'Signs of Change' in 1978 heavily influenced by both Barclay James Harvest and Genesis. Attempting to change with the times, After The Fire went full throttle new wave and pop, touring the world with ELO, Queen and Van Halen, but split at the peak of their career reportedly due to conflicts with their Christian 'values' and the rock n' roll life style. In 1982, Twydell with former band mate Nick Battle released 'Duel' featuring none other than original Genesis guitarist Anthony Phillips, and if that wasn't enough, Colin Blunstone on background vocals. Impressive, but does it measure up as a progressive rock album?

The Songs
Not really. This is a quirky, synthesizer driven record much like After The Fire's later work or Flock Of Seagulls and early Tears For Fears. Ant Phillips provides some flashy keyboard work which is probably the most interesting part of the record. Like most pop music of this era, the guitar takes a secondary place behind the overkill of electronics and percussion giving the album a very 'dated' sound, a term I dislike, but is very apropos here. There are similarities to Peter Gabriel in Twydell's vocals on 'Addicted' and the closing 'Abdication Day', the most progressive song on the album and the one tune on 'Duel' that actually shows Phillips influence, although the outcome is more IQ, than Genesis.

In Summary
An oddity and not essential, although Anthony Phillips completists will want it I am sure. The rest of you will be better advised to pick up After The Fire's first album which has been reissued on CD.

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