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Iva Twydell - Waiting For The Sun 1978


Iva Twydell - Waiting For The Sun 1978

Scottish songwriter’s classy independent folk/folkrock production that sounds like it crawled right out of that whole UK Greenbelt scene, his perky style bringing to mind such artists as Fish Co, Ishmael and especially Waiting For The Sun (i.e., Iva Twydell). Crisp guitar work characterizes bright acoustic folkrocking tunes like ‘Dark Glasses’ and ‘Walkin’. Touches of electric guitar here and there, advancing into a more rugged plugged-in rock-n-roll format for ‘Temptation’s Way’. Softer ballad moods reside within ‘Thomas’ and ‘Day Will Come’. Some purely acoustic tracks: ‘The Difference’, the bustling ‘Under The Sun’ and the rustic title track, the latter accompanied solely by what sounds like acoustic slide guitar. For a bit of Ishmael-like humor, check out ‘Monkey Business’. Tom plays acoustic guitar and sings lead, assisted by Graeme Duffin on acoustic/electric guitars and additional vocals. Other players contribute bass, drums and occasional keyboards (Fender Rhodes, piano, multimoog, string synthesizer). Ties to British Youth For Christ.

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