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Paul Smith - Extra Measure 1994


01. Every Little Thing
02. Talk About Love
03. That's What I Said
04. Where Faith Begins
05. Unimportant Things
06. Hang My Hat
07. Light On the Subject
08. Daddy Came Home Last Night
09. Time That Never Ends
10. Extra Measure
11. It Won't Break My Heart

Paul Smith got his vocal start in Christian music as "the guy who took Russ Taff's place" in the inspirational group The Imperials. Though Russ Taff has one of CCM's most distinctive and powerful voices, I don't think the Imperials could have found a better guy to fill his shoes. Passion, honesty, and joy flowed on each song from the Imperials next two albums, which many critics will argue were a couple of their best ever, largely due to Paul Smith's lead.

Extra Measure is the most recent chapter in Paul Smith's solo career. His songs are filled with the same verve be brought to the Imperials. He easily balances his joy and passion for Jesus (Talk About Love) with a straightford witness (That's What I Said) and straight talk about real life (Daddy Came Home Last Night). The production is top-notch with great instumentation and some really fun back ground vocal arrangements. The overall tone of the album is reverent but upbeat and very uplifting. If I were to compare this work with another CCM artist, I'd say it's somewhat in the vein of Bob Carlisle's adult contemporary pieces / If you liked the Imperials' "Stand By The Power" and/or "Let The Wind Blow" you're almost guaranteed to love this album.

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