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Randall Waller - Oasis 1978


01. Friends In High Places
02. You Are The One
03. Things I Will Do
04. Just Can't Explain It
05. Would You Crucify Him
06. Foot of The Mountain
07. Lord Your Blowin' My Mind
08. Storm In The Sky
09. I Want You

Here is a rare Christian Folk Rock LP from Randall Waller titled "Oasis". It came out in 1978 on Genesis Records out of Australia. / Randall Waller is/Was Vocal/Guitar From Avion / Everything that was wrong about the Christian Music industry in the early 80′s rears its ugly head on the classic gem that is a legitimate AYSO. Take an impressive rock vocalist (who would later form the band Avion) have him record killer rock and progressive rock songs but hide the guts in the mix, put the guy a late 70′s leisure suit and put seat him on a throw rug in front of a glowing fire. Ugh!

What should have been the North American introduction of a great rocker in the vein of The Eagles “Long Run” ended up being a forgotten and overlooked cut out bin regular. Find this album and get it! There are no mediocre songs and, in fact, some amazing tunes throughout. One of the songs that Avion would later cover is a more commercial version of “I Need You,” a song that should have been a Christian Rock hit. The nearly 6 minute “Lady of the Night” is a rare progressive rock delight in CCM.

Even the ballads on this release are worthy of consideration, especially the mid-tempo “Cry From an Absent Friend.” Waller would later appear as a guest vocalist on a David Zaffiro (Bloodgood) solo project / Randall Waller / Rare OZ LP-Oasis NM 1978-Christian folk blues rock-Avion Randall Waller - Oasis / Original OZ LP released in 1978 on Genesis Records. Cat: GS5002. This album has a gatefold sleeve / Randall Waller released two solo albums in the late 70's this being his first before forming Lionheart which changed it's name to Avion. A mixture of soft blues rock and more straight ahead folk tunes. Obscure OZ release.

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