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WhiteHeart - Vital Signs 1984 / Made In Japan


01. Sing Unto The Lamb
02. Draw The Line
03. Walking In The Light
04. Carried Away
05. Quiet Love
06. Following The King
07. Let Your First Thought Be Love
08. Undercover
09. Vital Signs
10. We Are His Hand

Billy Smiley : Piano, Acoustic Guitar & Vocals
David Huff : Drums & Percussion
Gary Lunn : Bass Guitars
Mark Gersmehl : Synthesizers, Piano & Vocals
Dann Huff : Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Acoustic Guitar & Vocals
Scott Douglas : Vocals

Produced by White Heart for Home Sweet Home Records, Inc.
Arranged by Billy Smiley, Mark Gersmehl & Dann Huff
Executive Producer : Chris Christian
Recorded by Jeff Balding
Additional Engineering : Bill Deaton, Brent King & Mike Psanos
Assistant Engineer : Doug Sarrett
Recorded at The Gold Mine Studio East, Brentwood, TN
Mixed by Jack Joseph Puig
Mixed at Gold Mine Studio West, Beverly Hills, CA
Mastered at Mastering Lab by Doug Sax
String Arrangements : Ronn Huff
Nashville String Machine : Carl Gorodetzky, Dennis Molchan, Walt Schwede, Pam Vanosdale, Phyllis Hiltz, Gary Vanosdale, Roy Christensen, David Boyle & Craig Nelson
The We Are His Hands Choir : Jovonne Douglas, Scott Douglas, Bob Farrell, Scott Wesley Brown, David Meece, Debi Smiley, Billy Smiley, Amy Grant, Steve Green, Russ Taff, Bob Bailey, Tricia Walker, Chris Christian, Kathy Troccoli & Gary Chapman.

This album is very 80s in every sense of the word. Strong keyboards, drums. Guitars were still on the back burner in this one, but the albums following (Hotline, etc.) get porgressively better! A good first effort. This turned out to be my favorite band of all time by the early 90s / Great Album, haven't seen it on cd yet! This lp contains the world wide radio song "We Are HIS Hands"; just luv this song!! The choir includes top ccm artists like Scott Wesley Brown, Russ Taff, Amy Grant, Kathy Troccoli, ccm vet Chris Christian to name some. It would have been nice to hear more of the choir at the end of the song; faded too soon! The opening song on side 1 "Sing unto the Lamb" great song!! "Walking in the Light" another song I just luv to hear. "Carried Away", "Quiet Love" & "Undercover" are also album favorites. This was quite the ccm essential album to have at the time of its release.

I like the Guitar Work in Draw the Line, but how chessy are those lyrics? / Lyrically the ballads are the deepest and most thought-provoking, but are hard (I mean HARD) to listen to. The electronic piano/synth that dominates is so old and antiquated it makes the (almost) unlistenable. / Remember the soaring vocals of Steve Green, and the stunning vibrato of Scott Douglas? All here in the double CD. I listen to this in my car, and it is powerful worship! It's a great combination of jazzy songs, and praise, plus some really laid-back ones. Please buy this, it will make you feel younger, especially if you were in college in the 80s!


The Christian rock band Whiteheart was formed in 1982 by singer Steve Green, guitarist Dann Huff, bassist Gary Lunn, keyboardists Mark Gersmehl and Billy Smiley, and drummer David Huff, most of the members alumni of Bill Gaither's group. After debuting with a self-titled effort issued on the Home Sweet Home label, Green exited the line-up, and was replaced by vocalist Scott Douglas for 1984's Vital Signs; another roster swap exchanging Dann Huff for guitarist Gordon Kennedy again shook up the Whiteheart sound just prior to 1985's Hotline. The remaining Huff brother, David, split soon after its release, as did Douglas; new vocalist Rick Florian and drummer Chris McHugh were installed in time for 1986's Don't Wait for the Movie, the last Whiteheart record to feature Gary Lunn.

With the addition of new bassist Tommy Sims for 1987's Emergency Broadcast, only Gersmehl and Smiley remained from the group's original line-up; somewhat remarkably, the release of 1989's Freedom heralded no roster changes, but in the months to follow Kennedy, Sims and McHugh all left the fold to be replaced by guitarist Brian Wooten, bassist Anthony Sallee and drummer Mark Nemer for 1990's Powerhouse. Nemer quit soon after, and although McHugh returned to record the majority of 1992's Tales of Wonder, the drummer's seat was eventually filled by Jon Knox. The next Whiteheart LP, 1993's Highlands, featured the same line-up, but Sallee departed prior to 1995's Inside, cut with new bassist John Thorn. By 1997's Redemption, Whiteheart offically consisted of Gersmehl, Smiley and Florian, rounded out by studio players.

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