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Whitecross - In The Kingdom 1991 Teichiku / Japan Edition


01. No Second Chances
02. We Know What's Right
03. In The Kingdom
04. In His Hands
05. Good Enough
06. Love Is Our Weapon
07. The Eternal Fire (guitar Solo)
08. You Will Find It There
09. If He Goes Before Me
10. Tell Me The Time
11. Holy War
Bonus Tracks
12. Love On The line
13. I Believe
14. Shakedown

Rex Carroll - Guitar Backing Vocals
Scott Wenzel - Lead Vocals
Butch Dillon - Bass, Backing Vocals
Mike Feighan - Drums, Backing Vocals

From the time that I listened to the song ' In The Kingdom', I instantly bacame a fan. You will be hardpressed to find a better hard rock music duel than Scott Wenzel (vocals) and Rex Carroll(guitars) in any band. New comer Mike Feighan (drums) and Butch Dillon (Bass) puts Whitecross at the top of their game.

The best from this CD are You Will Find It There (A hard rock blues ballad with 3 guitar solos), No Second Chances (received Hard Rock Song of the Year in Christain music), Good Enough (Fast, hard rocker), Love Is Our Weapon, We Know What's Right, In His Hands(ballad), If He Goes Before Me(ballad), and In The Kingdom (ballad, could possibly be their most well known song).

I didn't care much for the other three songs, for example, Holy War had a lousy rap section in it. The Eternal Fire (A guitar solo/instrumental) didn't seem so great or original after hearing the fantastic guitar riffs in the other songs. Tell Me The Time just didn't have a good tune for me.

I thought that this would be one of the greatest CDs ever made. However, there IS great songs, many great songs, such as "In the Kingdom", "No Second Changes", "In His Hands", "Holy War", and "If He Goes Before Me". Also "Good Enough", "We Know What's Right" and the guitar solo "The Eternal Fire" are quite great ones.   

Classic turn of the decade metal album. Catchy chorus' excellent riffs and great vocals keep you in the era of eighties metal for an hour. It carries as well a great gospel message that is uncompromised, unashamed and a very bold witness for Jesus Christ.

Alot of people like to compare this classic christian metal/rock band to the secular Ratt, but in my opinion it sounds alot more like Van Halen. Rex Carroll is nothing short of perfect on guitars, and Scott Wenzel has an amazing metal voice. You might hear some people say that he can't sing, but that baloney. He has one of the best screeches you'll ever hear. There is not single track on here thats not spectacular, including the three ballads "In the Kingdom," "In His Hands," and "If He Goes Before Me." "In the Kingdom" is arguably Whitecross's biggest hit, but in my opinion it is ironically the least amazing of the three ballads.

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